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C. that was selling replacement bumblebee stripes for later part of the 60’s mopars

C. that was selling replacement bumblebee stripes for later part of the 60’s mopars

I ponder if you’re able to help me. We found a niche site for a spot in B. i did not book trying to get a stripe and I also aren’t able to find the site. I really could get one from 12 spots in the us, but I would would rather pick Canadian (change and delivery etc.) The stripe I wanted is for a 1969 Dart Swinger (ebony)

Have you price checked neighborhood versus U.S. suppliers? I am aware a lot of the erican suppliers originally as well as the rate of exchange just will get last along to all of us up here when neighbors acquire to re-sell.

I do believe they are doing much better than simply the change. I will see a stripe for about $ all of us of Arizona, or I will buy it in Saskatoon, or Ontario for $ Cdn. plus 15percent HST!

Listed below are some precisely my Dart. It is far from an origional swinger. Truly a 69 Dart personalized that i’m turning into a swinger clone. It included more information on solutions including 318 2BBl, 904 automatic, tinted microsoft windows (all around), lots of chrome, durable suspension, 14 inch wheels, back windows defogger, headrests, bumperets, fender mounted turn alert signals, etc. It was bought in Calgary Alberta inloops BC. It actually was pushed to Nova Scotia by a licensed electrician just who purchased it in Vancouver about 6 in years past. This has seated within his storage during the last 6 ages.

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The vehicle is quite good. We have it obtaining your body done right today. They got rust gaps in back areas, but the remaining portion of the looks had been excellant. The passenger side door was indeed repainted, together with shade match wasn’t close.

Im the removal of along side it chrome, and just have setup a power bulge bonnet from a 69 swinger. We quit on ordering a bumblebee stripe. Rather, I have had a local guy would you plastic decals make myself one. The guy generated an imprint associated with swinger stripe on my portion car (an origional 69 4-speed automobile without any drive train, and plenty of rust), and scanned they into the desktop on his plastic cutter. Then he made-up and precise replica, which he will download in my situation if the final layer of clear jacket hardens in the dart. The set up price is half the buying price of an aftermarket stripe from mail-order.

I haven’t chosen how to proceed because of the engine but. The 318 operates like newer, however it won’t be adequate whenever those 5.0’s beginning to harrass me in the prevent lighting. My goal is to place double fatigue (i believe 2 1/2″) and headers upon it this spring season, and most likely a small 4 barrell. In addition possess 8 3/4″ rear-end with 3.23 gear and a sure clasp diff from outdated 340 to install. Further winter i shall must decide whether or not to build up the 318, reconstruct a 360, or go the crate engine route. I might see a 340 basically can get my personal on the job one, but as it is perhaps not an origional 340, I’m not that concerned with data complimentary and this beautifulpeople Meld je aan things.

We have found a picture from it at the time we bouht they. I ought to own it back once again from the paint shop in fourteen days.

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